A downloadable game for Windows

This was made for Game Maker's Toolkit Jam 2018. The theme was "<genre> without <mechanic>" and I made Tetris without clearing lines/a fail state.

I play Tetris sometimes to "space" out and relax and I took this opportunity to make a Tetris game that made for exactly that purpose. You can build your Tetris tower as high as you want (and discover some gimmicks I put in ;)). It even allows you to adjust the falling speed of the blocks to your liking or to stop time all together if you need time to think (you can still move and place the block while paused).


  • Move Block = Arrow Keys
  • Drop Block = CTRL
  • Pause Time = Space (toggle), Shift (hold)
  • Move Camera (while paused) = W/S
  • Change Speed = Page Up/Page Down
  • Quit = Escape
  • Toggle Fullscreen = F11


Post-Jam Version:

I kept working for a couple more hours to remove negative scores all together (I wasn't sure during the jam and then was sure shortly after submission), alternative controls (IJKL as arrow keys), gamepad controls, ability to mute audio (N) or music (M) and a really cool zoom-out when you press escape.

If you want to play it, head over to GitHub!

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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Made withLÖVE
TagsGame Maker's Toolkit Jam, LÖVE, Relaxing, Tetris
Average sessionA few minutes
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Spacetris (32-Bit) (Jam Version) 5 MB
Spacetris (64-Bit) (Jam Version) 5 MB
Spacetris.love (Jam Version) 2 MB

Install instructions

If you are not using Windows, simply download löve at https://love2d.org and run the .love file!


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Hey, I just played the game and really enjoyed it. Very relaxing. Except for 2-3 minor things:

1 - The block colors sometimes clash with the background or eachother

2 - Especially with that many different colors everywhere the permanents scrolling up and down for new pieces can be a bit nauseating.

3 - I liked the moon. And space. But the rocket and UFO kinda distracted from the relaxing aspect due to how loud they were...

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great idea. it probably the most "practical" game ive seen like something i might play outside of playing games for the jam. an UNDO button would be the most perfect mechanic for this style of game. maybe just make it the z key. maybe a skip block button too? that might be too much

I had that on my jam todo list! But I didn't put it in, because I didn't know how to limit it (still don't know really) and I had the feeling unlimited undo would somehow cross the treshhold of it being no challenge at all and would ultimately make the game boring. And thanks for the nice words!


Awesome rendition of Tetris. 10/10


Got to score 100

This is my new zone out game. 5/5 would tetris to space again.

I'm happy you like it! Thanks for playing :)

"Not available on GNU/Linux" :C

You have to install löve (version 11.1) (maybe your package repositories have it already?) then download the .love file and run it with löve!

love Spacetris.love

Is that a compatebillety thing like Steam-play's Proton thing? Isn't really clear when I read the website.  It says it's a framework for making 2D games. hmmm

löve is a framework for making games using Lua. And you can run .love files with it too. On Linux that is afaik the simplest option to run löve games