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This is a competitive team based multiplayer platformer. One team has to infiltrate a site, while the other has to defend it. The game is about hidden information and moving in a way that leaves you hidden visually and acoustically.


Sadly I did not finish this game in time for the jam deadline (at all). Therefore I uploaded two "demo" versions.

One does not have multiplayer, but is a good demo of the sound system and the movement/attacks.

The other does have some sort of multiplayer, but a lot of functionality is missing. Specifically:

  • Taking damage from other players' sword hits
  • Destroying breakable walls
  • Being able to disconnect
  • Synchronization is missing in some places
  • The objective :/
  • Rounds, the score, dieing and respawning

You can try the singleplayer only version to try out the movement and sound occlusion/attenuation (left click moves the listener) and the multiplayer version sneak up on or hide from each other!

How to play

You can toggle the console with F8. Type "help" to see the available commands.

You can place the listener with by clicking with your left mouse button in the singleplayer version or in spectator mode in the multiplayer version.

In the multiplayer version, let everyone connect to your server (start a game in 'Host' mode), then change the map by typing "map firsttest" or "map foyer" (even more placeholder than firsttest) in the server console.


If no gamepad is plugged in, keyboard controls will be used.


  • Left Stick: Move
  • Hold Triggers: Sprint (more noise!)
  • A: Jump (press shortly for a shorter, quieter jump)
  • X: Attack
  • Shoulder Buttons: Dash (dash into walls and ceilings to grab them and climb! cancel it early to make no noise!)
  • Y: Use (open doors)


  • WASD: Move
  • Left ctrl: Sprint
  • Space: Jump
  • J: Attack
  • Left shift: Dash
  • E: Use


  • F8: Toggle console
  • F11: Toggle fullscreen

Final notes

My project was very ambitious and I did not make it in time, though I think the idea is really cool! I will keep working on it and upload a post-jam version that is a game you can actually play hopefully very soon!


Jam Version (Multiplayer) (.love file) 1 MB
Jam Version (Singleplayer) (.love file) 1 MB
Jam Version (Multiplayer) (32-bit Windows .exe) 4 MB
Jam Version (Singleplayer) (32-bit Windows .exe) 4 MB

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