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it looks so cool, i hope y'all come back to this


Is this game still under development ? I looked over at the git-hub and last push was 3 months ago

We did work on it for a while, but we kinda stopped. I don't think the chances are very high we will pick it up again.

Aw, sorry to hear, it seemed like a nice concept, hoping someone will pick up for you taking the whole thing is on Github

Seems like it could turn out really well, although it seems there's no real gameplay (due to the engine needing the reactor to be up, and that doesn't seem to be complete enough to make power).

I look forward to seeing how this all turns out though, and I wish you the best of luck!

We did work on it for a few more weeks, but we did lose some steam and I'm not sure if we will pick it up again. I agree that this might be cool though. If there ever is a new release, we will post it here, of course.

You could check out Viscera clean up detail for something in the same genre

VCD isn't really something in the same vein imo. That's a chill cleaning simulator, rather than dealing with arbitrary protocols and computers, flicking levers and pushing buttons and activating terminals.

Bummer, if there is a new release I'll check this out again.


nice looking level. just read through your notes on github and i like the direction. hope you keep building this.


Thank you! I am actually still working on it after the jam ended, which is a first for me. I think it has some potential and I hope I get far enough to put in some gameplay and see if it actually works well!