This is merely a general overview and not a detailed list of remaining tasks.

What's been done

  • Basic peer-to-peer multiplayer feature with acceptable netcode, lobbies you can create and join.
  • Basic NAT traversal (UDP hole punching) so you can host games without forwarding a port manually in your router
  • 4 characters with full movesets and concepts for more
  • Multiple stages and an editor for them, which we might release as well if enough people are interested to justify the work
  • Artwork for one of the stages (and some sketches for a few more)
  • Concepts for 8 different characters with all their moves (+ sketches of their design)
  • The basic mechanics, including movement on the ground/on platforms/ledges, jumping, air-dodges, attacks, DI, SDI, teching, grabs/throws, blocking. rolls, spot-dodges, projectiles, knockdown, wavedashing
  • Customizable controls through specialized configuration files

What's left to be done/planned

  • A few more characters
  • A basic recovery AI and later an AI that actually plays the game
  • Multiplayer revamp with a more elaborate (accurate/robust) architecture
  • More multiplayer infrastructure (including matchmaking)
  • Music
  • Additional ways of NAT traversal to ensure more people being able to host games without having to forward ports manually (e.g. UPnP, maybe relay servers)
  • More training mode features
  • Non-placeholder sound effects
  • Tutorials
  • An absolutely mind-boggling and depressing amount of rather minor things

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