Why is there no unrestricted access to the game?

Since the game is fairly early in development, I will not be offering an entirely public download just yet, but I'm still very much interested in all feedback and any effort to make this game as good as it can be. This is why I opted for a more closed form of access, which I hope you can understand.

Is there wavedashing?

Yes, there is. It is easier to do them perfectly, because you can buffer the airdodge in the jump squat. Also turning around only takes 1 frame and all attacks turn you around instantly too (if you use the right control stick), so wavedashes are a good bit less useful (as in: less necessary).

Are there customizable controls?

Yes, see the advanced tutorial! If you need help with making your own, feel free to ask on Discord.

Will there be Gamecube controller support?

Native support for the WiiU/Mayflash Adapter, like Dolphin has it, will not be possible, because the library that enables this functionality is licensed under the GPL, which would require to license the game under the GPL as well (i.e. make it open source too). In case I am mistaken, please correct me! I'd love to be wrong on this one!

But you can use a GC controller by using unofficial drivers for the Wii U adapter (http://m4sv.com/page/wii-u-gcn-usb-driver) or by using the PC mode of the Mayflash adapter. I have not tried the latter, but the former still has some problems that currently make me advise against using it until I can fix them. I am working on it!

Why can only one other computer  connect to my lobby?

So far the netcode is implemented in a way that only enables NAT traversal to one other computer. If you wish to play together on more than 2 machines (you can still play 2v2 with 2 people per computer each), you need to forward the port 40433 (UDP) manually in your router.

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